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N Kinds of Hotpot N+1

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Fish-head hot pot chili comes from Shuangliu, Sichuan, where the chili produced "two-tendon strip" is fragrant, warm, eat more will not be on fire. It is precious that the picking period of "two tendons" is only seven days a year, so it is not easy to get, and it is used in popular chafing dish, especially approachable. Fish head hot pot is very particular about the use of bean paste, the practice of bean paste is strange: the selection of "two tendons" and broad beans and more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine processed, so that the loss of nutrition to the minimum. When making, the bean chips prepared on the same day should be immediately put into the porcelain urn, sealed with vegetable oil on the top, and eaten only one year after closing the jar. In this way, the bean chips fermented slowly under the action of microorganisms in the jar become more mellow, fragrant and nutritious. There is a procedure for eating fish head hotpot. When eating fish, we should eat it in the order of lip, brain, skin and meat. When eating, we can't eat a big meal. We should take a quick, slow and stop smoking. When eating fish skin and fish meat, chew slowly, eat fish lip and brain quickly, inhale the mouth, and then slowly down the throat. In addition, there are fish head spicy crab hot pot, the choice is Myanmar crab, body fat, and each pot is said to be a single pot fried, it takes a lot of time. Its spicy taste is also divided into mild, medium and old spicy.

Fungus chafing dish

The hot pot with wild fungi as the main dish uses chicken, duck, seafood and turtle as the base material of the hot pot. Then, among more than 20 kinds of fungi, one or more of them, such as Boletus hepatica, Bamboo Sun, Hericium erinaceus, are selected and placed in the pot to cook the fresh soup without adding MSG, which is also delicious and fragrant. Wild fungus food, boiled in the pot for a long time can not rot, after eating teeth and cheeks fragrant, refreshing and smooth taste. Shanzhen wild fungi, produced in different mountainous areas, grow into a green food without human pollution under different natural conditions. Compared with traditional chafing dish, fungus food has the characteristics of low fat, high protein, non-fat and non-greasy. Fungus food nourishes stomach and nourishes body fluid, invigorates qi, balances Yin and yang, benefits liver and eyes, and has remarkable therapeutic effect. For example, Tremella fuciformis and Hericium erinaceus can strengthen the body, replenish blood and sedate the stomach, and clean the intestines and stomach; for example, white mushroom has the functions of lowering blood pressure and assisting treatment of hepatitis; Lentinus edodes, Clostridium companis, Matsutake and Bamboo Sun are beneficial to prevent hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and infant rickets, and have the effects of regulating qi and phlegm, dispelling insects and relieving pain; Corallium, Lactobacillus multijuicus and Boletus hepatica can clear away heat and dissolve heat. Toxicity, clearing lung and stomach, nourishing blood, tonifying deficiency and refreshing.

Old fashioned chafing dish

The old-fashioned hot pot is burned with charcoal. It feels very friendly to wash mutton in the old-fashioned hot pot. The second is that the fire is very strong and mutton can be eaten as soon as it is rinsed. Winter is the season for eating hot pot and mutton. There are countless hot pots in every city, but the dishes are much the same. Old-fashioned hotpot is usually a typical Muslim shop hotpot. Once in, it has a strong taste. It's a bit unbearable. It's used to it for a long time. The condiment is processed by the traditional old shop Donglaishun. It is added with peanut butter. It is different from the sand tea sauce and Sufu used to eat. It is very suitable for instant-boiled mutton. Mutton here is very different from mutton in other places. It's thick, but it's not frozen. It's fresh. It was sent by the master of Donglaishun immediately after the sheep had been slaughtered, so the quantity was limited. This kind of mutton won't grow old in the pot.

Postmodern Hotpot

The door of post-modern hotpot shop should be special, especially the porch. It's better to set a huge, black iron plate with abstract landscape or figure paintings on it, so as to give people a post-modern impression. Hot pot restaurant should be a European-style restaurant, no imaginary red, not to have the feeling of warm melting, the most basic is the cold tone, can be the nature of cement, by the steel bar frame dark desks and chairs, separated by frosted glass one by one, can clearly see the halo of the chandelier, giving a post-modern sense of refreshment. Although the atmosphere of eating hot pot can be post-modern, but hot pot dishes can not be post-modern, in fact, eight classic dishes. One is egg dumplings, hundred-page bags: egg dumplings, thin, fresh meat, a bite and fresh soup juice. The second is the secret beef: beef is fresh beef, pulp overage. According to common sense, the soup is the tenderest when it is rinsed, but it is strange that no matter how it is cooked, it is not "old" and the more it is cooked, the more tender it is. Third, Sibao pills: yellow is shrimp balls, red is beef balls, white is cuttlefish balls and red crab balls. Beef balls have a high density of teeth and a unique beef fragrance that fills the mouth. Shrimp balls and crab yellow balls have a good taste, elasticity and purity. Cuttlefish balls are actually eye fish eggs. They are bigger than quail eggs. They are delicious and fishy.

Potato series pot

Potato turtle, potato sausage, potato chicken and potato crab are all Chongqing rural dishes. For example, when the bottom of the potato and chicken pot comes up, the whole pot soup looks very red, but not very spicy. When the pot is boiling, you should eat potatoes first, instead of eating chicken thighs busily. It is said that the potato series is actually a famous dish in Chengdu. After the improvement, it became the bottom of the pot, such as the potato soft shelled turtle: the potatoes and soft shelled turtle were pressed through the pressure cooker. When the pot was out, the potatoes did not look bad, but in fact they had absorbed the taste and essence of the soft shelled turtle. After understanding the taste of potatoes, it is indeed crisp and soft, but also reveals the fragrance of chicken, it is amazing.


Among the foreign hot pots in Shanghai, Swiss hot pot is the most famous European hot pot. Swiss hot pot is divided into cheese hot pot, Burgundy hot pot, chocolate hot pot. Cheese hotpot is yellow and clear. Warm color and strong aroma can arouse appetite and pick up cheese.