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Do you add sugar cane to the hot pot?

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1. Adding sugarcane juice and sugarcane to hot pot soup can reduce drying heat and harmonize spicy stimulation. Because sugarcane has the characteristics of clearing away heat and fire, dehumidifying and drying, clearing intestines, moistening lung and strengthening spleen.

2. Adding sugarcane can freshen and enhance fragrance and remove odor. Sugarcane is used in chafing dish to make it mellow, fragrant, moist and refreshing.

3. Adding sugarcane can make the soup bright and mellow, cook the soup for a long time without muddy taste, color change, multi-flavor, strong flavor, fragrance is not suffocating, fresh and not astringent, hot and not strong, numb crisp, after eating, the mouth is fragrant, the intestines and stomach are moist.

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