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Are you sure you don't want to order these side dishes for hot pot?

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In Chengdu, nothing is impossible to be solved by a hot pot. If there is one, eat it again, eat it again and again, with furry stomach, duck sausage and old meat slices.

These chafing dishes must be ordered with tongue twirling and sang? It's all right. It's a perfect match for a chafing dish like yours. It's a shock to you.~~

Look here, everyone who eats meat.

First: "Shrimp Slip"

This is a friend from the bean salvage shop. After thousands of beatings (think of it very painful), it has such Q ballistic power, good shrimp slippery, very elastic, not easy to clamp, very difficult to send to the entrance, the feeling of popping juice in the tip of the tongue burst, chewing, every bite can eat real shrimp meat, and finally left a full taste of fragrance, so that you can not recall!

Second: "Fresh Brains"

Brain flower, as soon as you hear the name, you know it is not popular with the public. But when brainflower controllers hear its name, their hearts ripple.

Brain flower eating method is not many, the most common is the best way to eat, one is barbecue, the other is hot pot, boiled in the hot pot bottom and then fished out, very tender, very silk, no smell.

Three: "Coriander Balls"

Attention, fat friends, this is not exercise X3! The coriander balls are on the stage. ~Don't be upset by the caraway-sensitive baby paper, be graceful! Just go down to the pot. Meat and meat mixed with coriander, tossed in the pot, and so on all floating up can be salvaged. The balls are delicate, the original strong flavor of coriander has disappeared, but the fragrance from the mouth is light, you can not resist the coriander mouthful one by one, Oh ~ ~very hot!

Fourth: "Mouse Fish"

It is reasonable that the "dry" Chongqing people have packed the mouse fish into a delicious dish. The marijuana is very spicy and has a strong taste. Although the meat is slightly thick, it has more meat and less thorns. The most suitable hot pot for the bold Chongqing people is burning hot pot and eating beer fast. Although the mice and fish are frozen, when they meet the Chongqing people who will eat, they come down to the most suitable soup pot, and its delicacy is not disappointed.

Fifth: "Yellow Throat"

Chafing dish points yellow throat, outsiders may feel that Chongqing people began to be crazy to eat animal's throat, "fat friend", no knowledge does not matter, but do not mess with the Yellow chamber, yellow throat is actually the blood vessels of pigs and cattle, yellow throat must be put in red soup boiled, boiled out fresh and crisp, just a mouthful of effort can make you love to be unable to extricate themselves, remind one hand.

Look here, vegetarians

First: "Dry Tribute Vegetables"

Like fried raw in Shanghai, hot and dry noodles in Wuhan, mutton in Inner Mongolia, hotpot can not be without tribute dishes - the first time to eat tribute dishes do not have any fantasy. But after the entrance, the crisp clatter of the clatter broke my sister's idea about it. Wow, it's so delicious! I can hardly describe its crisp and tender feeling. After dinner, kimchi, garlic and everything stand aside.~

Second: "Yam"

To be honest, the "fat friend" who has eaten yam should not be interested in taro and potatoes. The most amazing thing is that it's crisp and soft. When crisp, it is refreshing and crisp. When soft, it melts into the mouth. Add red soup to give you gentle stimulation, and clear soup to lighten your restless tongue tip. Seemingly fragile, it actually hits your taste buds layer by layer.

From the fragrance of the entrance to the spicy, from the soft taste to the thick, and finally to the numbness of the tip of the tongue, it is really addictive.

Three: "New Year Cake"

Ningbo New Year's Cake must be chosen for hot New Year's Cake, which has both toughness and rice fragrance. There are many ways to cook New Year's Cake, hot pot is absolutely the best.

Cooked New Year's Cake, crystal clear, white and tender, can break the bullet to catch up, the entrance, first hot pot, then the fragrance of New Year's Cake, the taste of glutinous, very delicious.~

Fourth: "Bubble noodles"

In Chongqing, in order to get the instant noodles in the army hotpot, the Korean restaurant is simply weak and explosive. Chongqing people eat instant noodles with hot pot, which is the most loyal confession to instant noodles.

Instant noodles absorb the essence of chafing dish, full and elastic. It's spicy and delicious to eat with hot vegetables. Super tasty, super cool!

Many hotpot shops do not provide instant noodles, like to eat, secretly in their bags, oh, eat hotpot, and finally put, must stand up and clamp, super pull wind, okay!

Fifth: "Bean Flower"

It is absolutely worthy of the name "small and refreshing" in the taste. The bean flower is absorbed in the pot, and it is full of juicy and super feeling when it is picked up.

If you bite down, the juice will be squeezed out. It tastes hot, but it has its own sweetness.

The best way to eat is to cook a bowl of rice, grind the beans, add some pickles and garlic, the taste is super exciting at the entrance! And addictive, keep your favorite!

For a long time, Xiaobian really can't hold on to it this time! ___________

Once in the hot pot, deep as the sea, from then on the furry stomach is a passer-by!

So many hot pot partners, do not rush to try!

What is the most essential side dish for hot pot? Welcome to Chengdu Liupo Restaurant Co., Ltd.