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Warm Six Mothers, Do Good Work in the World

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Yang Lin, chairman of Chengdu Liupo Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., has been committed to public welfare activities such as respecting the elderly, helping the disabled, helping the poor and so on. Under his leadership, the company's Trade Union established the Happy Foundation, focusing on various public welfare activities.

In early December, after learning about Du Chunhua's family burden of LF29, a dead party in Huaguan Platform of Peking University, the company confirmed that it was true, and decided to give Du Chunhua support in the form of cargo sale. This charity sale is the company's gift package. The original online sale price of gift package is 128 yuan per piece. Since Dec. 10, 2014, the purchase price of gift package is 75 yuan per piece. Each sale of gift package is 20 yuan for Du Chunhua. The quantity of the charity sale is tentatively limited to 10,000 pieces. Love Link: (

Du Chunhua, a family of seven people, including three elderly people and two children: her daughter is 9 years old, and her son is only 4 years old. Her husband developed renal failure (uremia) in March this year, which was a chronic purple epilepsy glomerulonephritis with a history of 17 years. Recently, he had just completed vascular fistula surgery. He had to rely on dialysis to maintain his life, but now he can not work in his hometown. The cost of dialysis is very expensive every month. The operation and recovery costs in the future are even more astonishing. My mother-in-law found out the middle and advanced stage of esophageal cancer in June this year, and only operated on in Huaxi Hospital on July 25. Now she is also recovering from illness at home, and the situation is not optimistic. Doctors recommend chemotherapy. But their family's income is not high, Chunhua works in Jinyue Hotel, earning 3-5,000 a month, barely maintaining daily expenses; parents-in-law's retirement salary is about 1,000 a month; this income is only a drop in the bucket for the family's two serious patients and two children! Chunhua has spent all her savings, borrowed heavily, and sometimes had to swipe through the capital card.

Her husband's perennial medical history did not make her choose to abandon this family, but not abandon it, take on and face all difficulties! Improve her ability, rely on her ability to carry the whole family, excellent performance during walking, and also actively return to the platform after graduation to contribute to other lives and support the growth of others. This courage and love also make others appreciate and praise this woman. When you reach out your helping hand, you not only help her, her two critically ill patients in her family, but also her children on her knees!

Six Mothers'Slogan: Don't do what is good but not small

Six Mothers'Ideas: Learn Lei Feng, Dedicate Others, Improve Yourself

The company's follow-up meeting will publicize the details of the proceeds of charity sale and the list of products purchased by the company, because your efforts and intentions will bring infinite warmth to Spring Flower in this winter, extend your help and join in public welfare activities to help others, but also to help themselves. All employees of Chengdu Six Mothers'Catering Co., Ltd. thank you for your help. Wish to do so on behalf of Du Chunhua. Kindness will always be around.