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Statement on "Six Mothers" Brand's Joining in Foreign Investment

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Recently, Chengdu Liupo Restaurant Co., Ltd. franchise center has received some customers'feedback, in Liaoning Shenyang, Hebei Qinhuangdao and other places, there is a counterfeit "Liupo" brand, and on the Internet to our company's product "Liupo fragrance" for false investment promotion, please pay attention to the screening of customers, beware of being deceived. In order to protect the interests of our customers and maintain our company's image, we solemnly declare the following:

I. Our company is called Chengdu Liupo Restaurant Co., Ltd.

Official website:

Franchise consultation telephone: 400-6644886, 028-82687777.

2. Our company does not authorize any company to join in the business of "Liupo Chain Fragrance" brand on the internet, if it searches Baidu or other search engines.

The unofficial websites that pop up with the keywords of "Six Grandmothers'Fragrance" or "Six Grandmothers' Fragrance Joining" are all fake, no matter in any way.

If you want to join us, please don't believe it so as not to be deceived.

3. If there is any intention to join the franchise, and it is impossible to verify the authenticity, please call to verify, the telephone number is 028-62371277, 62375377.

I hereby declare!

  Chengdu Liupo Restaurant Co., Ltd.

  October 20, 2017